Orochata Launch Party


In August 2016 we launched the new Licor 43 Orochata for Licor 43 Original. The newcomer is a shake-like drink with strong cinnamon, citrus and vanilla flavours. This new liqueur was inspired by the regional speciality Horchata, a refrigerated drink made of earth almonds, water and sugar. Earth almonds are tubers of the Cyperus Esculentus plant that grow below the ground. Licor 43 Orochata does not contain any nut extracts or cow’s milk, making it a light liqueur with less sugar and fewer calories.

Would you like an Orochata or other cocktail bar at your party or event, we can see to this! Read more about what we can do for you here.

Orochata Launch Party Orochata Launch Party Orochata Launch Party


Horchata originated from the Spanish town of Cartagena, because of which it is inextricably part of southern Spanish culture. There is a great legend behind the name of the new liqueur. When visiting Valencia, King James I of Aragon was offered a glass of Horchata by a young girl. When he asked what it was, she replied: ‘it’s almond milk’, to which the King responded: ‘This isn’t milk, this is gold, dear girl.’

Read more about the wonderful drink here.


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