In August 2016 we launched the new Licor 43 Orochata for Licor 43 Original. The newcomer is a shake-like drink with strong cinnamon, citrus and vanilla flavours. This new liqueur was inspired by the regional speciality Horchata, a refrigerated drink made of earth almonds, water and sugar. Earth almonds are tubers of the Cyperus Esculentus plant that grow below the ground. Licor 43 Orochata does not contain any nut extracts or cow’s milk, making it a light liqueur with less sugar and fewer calories.

    Would you like an Orochata or other cocktail bar at your party or event, we can see to this! Read more about what we can do for you here.

    Orochata Launch Party Orochata Launch Party Orochata Launch Party


    Horchata originated from the Spanish town of Cartagena, because of which it is inextricably part of southern Spanish culture. There is a great legend behind the name of the new liqueur. When visiting Valencia, King James I of Aragon was offered a glass of Horchata by a young girl. When he asked what it was, she replied: ‘it’s almond milk’, to which the King responded: ‘This isn’t milk, this is gold, dear girl.’

    Read more about the wonderful drink here.



    Wintery flavours, hot punches, tasty tapas, enthusiastic bloggers and an experienced cocktail master provided a successful evening in October 2016 at IMA, Influencer Marketing Agency. In a wonderful office by the Amsterdam canals, we created a cocktail workshop for 15 bloggers which was mainly based on Southern Comfort for various cocktails and punches.

    In a two-hour workshop, our shaker Tim demonstrated the various basic techniques of cocktail shaking, explained the different flavour combinations and showed the required tools and ingredients to make the perfect serve of four different cocktails. The guests were given the opportunity to shake two cocktails under Tim’s guidance in order to practice the various basic techniques and to then of course taste their own creations. This cocktail workshop focused on Southern Comfort, which was combined with various hot alcohol-free drunks, herbs and spices in order to demonstrate the newest flavours of the autumn season.

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    Southern Comfort is a liqueur that has been produced on the basis of whisky originating from the United States since 1874. It is prepared according to a traditional recipe that is still kept secret. What is certain is that it includes peach, orange, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon.

    In 1874 the 24-year old bartender, Martin Wilkes Heron made a long journey along the Mississippi. When he arrived in New Orleans, he got the feeling that he found his place and he started working in one of the many bars. Here he worked on his version of the many hard whiskies that were served at the time. With a little vanilla, ripe orange, some cinnamon, lemon and cherry extract he made a drink in 1874 that he called ‘Cuffs and Buttons’. In the years that followed, the drink became increasingly popular and he decided to change its name to ‘Southern Comfort’, the comfort of the south.

    If you would like to experience a Shake & Serve cocktail workshop based around Southern Comfort or another liqueur, then click here.

  • Denham Reopening


    To celebrate the fact that Denham opened its new flagship store and with that also its seventh and largest branch in Amsterdam, Shake and Serve provided a festive and stylish cocktail bar. During the busy shop opening the stylish, hip citizens of Amsterdam were welcomed with a Remy ginger (Remy Martin, ginger ale, ginger, lime and orange zest), a Black Tomato gin & tonic (with fresh black pepper and basil) and a Southern Comfort cocktail with ginger ale and fresh mint. The premium brands that we poured that evening went down well and had been carefully selected, taking account of the clothing brand and the target group. Apart from the team of cocktail shakers making delicious cocktails, the men and women were, as always, fully dressed in Denham, making them the new shop’s calling card.

     Denham VFNO 4 Denham VFNO 6 Denham VFNO


    The first shop of this hip brand of jeans opened its doors in 2008. Jason Denham wanted to develop his own brand from nothing and under his own name. For this, he developed a concept of which he enthusiastically explains the USPs.

    The products represent quality, are based on tradition while also being innovative, they were created with utmost care. For instance, they only use the best fabrics from Japan and Italy, and making Japanese Denham jeans takes eighty hours, compared to seventeen minutes for a brandless standard production line pair of jeans. Except for jeans and shoes, the shops also displays vintage items of clothing from Jason Denham’s personal collection, as well as antique tools. Now in 2017 there a seven shops in Amsterdam and it has become one of Amsterdam’s biggest brands of jeans.

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